The Village of Pelly, the Pearl of the Parkland, has a population of 303 and is located near two historic sites, Fort Pelly and Fort Livingstone. Aside from its historic importance, the area is famous for its hunting and fishing.

The village is a service centre catering to the agriculture industry of the area.

The quality of life, fishing, hunting and other recreational activities, historic museum, and campgrounds make Pelly a unique place to call home.map76

Location: Lat 51.87 º  N by Long 101.93º W

On highway 49, 30 km from the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border

Pelly digest:

    • One k-12 school (Fort Livingstone School), daycare facility and access to the Parkland Community College (Yorkton) meet the education needs of the community.
    • Local tax rate (2005) is 58.8 mills (42 municipal mills, 16.8 education mills). Minimum tax is $35 per lot, and $665 for improvements. Lot $2.00/frontage foot.
    • Utility rates (2005) for water and sewer are $75 for three months for residential hookups, and commercial connections pay $90 to $138 for a three-month period. $100 deposit before water hook-up.
    • Price range for residential housing is $2,500 to $150,000.
    • The price of industry property is negotiable. Commercial rental property is $125 to $150 per month for retail, and $50 to $150 per month for office space.
  • For up-to-date information, contact the Village Administrator, Ms Sheri Kosar, at 306-595-2124


                                                                                   Pelly, the "Pearl of the Parkland".